How do I make a withdrawal?

Complete the withdrawal slip provided in the Savers Pack and the saver can bring this to the weekly collection point at their school along with the Savings book or post it to us. Alternatively you can come to the Discovery Credit Union desk in the Central library, Wellgate Centre and make a withdrawal in person, please bring ID with you. Should you require a withdrawal form, please call us 01382 431576, email us – info.savebythebell@dundeecity.gov.uk or request one at the school collection point. 


What happens if my child moves school?

If your child changes school, please notify us and we can give you the collection day information of the new school. A new pack is not required. If the new school does not have a Save by the Bell collection point we will advise you of alternative methods of depositing money or how to withdraw and close the account.


What is the amount my child has to bring to the collection point?

There is no minimum weekly saving amount, our aim is to encourage a regular savings habit. Your child can bring in any amount from 1p upwards.


What are the Sticker Cards for?

A small sticker is given to each saver every time they make a deposit at the school collection point. Once 10 stickers are received a certificate is issued, after 10 stickers a bronze certificate, after 20 stickers a silver certificate and so on.


I have lost/misplaced the Savers Pack?

If you lose or misplace the savers pack you can request a replacement pack from either the school collection point, by calling us 01382 431576, or by emailing us – info.savebythebell@dundeecity.gov.uk . A new savers pack will be issued at the school collection point with your up to date balance and new saving card.


My child has not used the account since nursery?

The account will remain active unless you have specifically requested the account to be closed regardless of if there is any money in it. You can, at any time, request a replacement pack (see above).


What happens when my child leaves primary school?

Once your child leaves primary school the account is automatically transferred to Discovery Credit Union Junior Savers. You are notified of how to continue to deposit money should you wish to, or you are given the option to withdraw the balance.  If the account balance is zero, and there has been no response back after a set period of time, the account will be closed.

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